Fight For Stricter Littering Laws


If your conservation company's main objective is to promote a healthy way of living without compromising the environment, it can be alarming to witness all of the trash that has been tossed along various roadways and into the bodies of water in your community. Have you ever thought about fighting for stronger littering laws? With grassroots lobbying, you can get your point out to the citizens of the community and they may contact government officials.

28 December 2018

Are You Hosting A Fashion Show To Launch Your Boutique? 3 Planning Tips For A Successful Event


Fashion shows are great ways to attract attention to your boutique, and there is no better way to show off your favorite clothing designers. While you already know that you need to line up some amazing outfits and models, there are a few more things that you can do to get everyone in the mood to shop. As you begin to create your lineup, use these tips to make sure that your first public show is impressive.

30 July 2018

Throw A Birthday Party They'll Remember Forever: Why Your Child's Next Party Should Be At An Event Hall


If you're in the planning stages for your child's next birthday party, don't plan on hosting it at home. Your backyard might be the perfect location for a small, low-key party, but when you're planning something memorable, you want to make sure you have plenty of space, and that all the details are covered. What you need is an event hall with all the party rentals that come with it. Here are four reasons why you need to rent an event hall for your child's next party.

7 July 2018

Why Djs Are Adding Vinyl to Their Mixes


The old song about asking a DJ to put another record on probably stumps today's kids, but anyone over forty knows what a record is. Surprisingly, hipsters and younger generations are starting to gravitate toward vinyl, considering it a "cool" new thing, a trend to follow. As you search through several DJs to hire for your next event, and then proceed to interview them, do not be surprised to find that DJs are adding vinyl to their music mix.

25 May 2018

Interested In Team Building At An Escape Room? Prioritize The Extras


One of the ways that you can improve the productivity of your workplace is by investing in team building. Although you will find a lot of activities that you can try out to accomplish this goal, you should not hesitate to make a reservation at an escape room. While the escape room itself will help, paying attention to the extra things that you get with this experience will help even more.

22 April 2018

Short Vows: Selecting A Venue For A Wedding On Short Notice


Lots of brides and grooms plan their wedding for at least six months to a year. Other times, getting the show on the road as quickly as possible is the name of the game. If you are in the second segment, you will need to look for a wedding venue as your first order of business. The issue is that venues tend to book well in advance for weddings, which will make this task the most difficult.

28 February 2018

Tips For A Beach Wedding


Beach weddings provide a beautiful natural setting with a lot of opportunities for beautiful pictures. They are generally cheaper than most other options, and they are fun for the wedding party and the guests. Beach weddings present some unique obstacles, though. Follow these tips to help your beach wedding run smoothly.  It's All About the Hair If your hair has a tendency to frizz up in the heat and humidity, make sure you choose an updo or come prepared with hair products that will keep your hair tame under any condition.

19 January 2018

How Corporate Catering Can Help You Pull Off Your Office Holiday Party With Ease


The holidays are a way to build company morale. This time of the year is a good time for your company to host a party. An office party allows you to show employee appreciation and allows employees to get to know each other better. It also allows you to start the new year on a positive note. Read on to find out how corporate catering can help you pull off your office holiday party with ease.

26 October 2017

Choosing A Reception Hall For An Awards Banquet: Three Things To Look For


Whether you are hosting an awards night for your local school's sports teams or you want to honor your top sales people of the year, you'll need to find the right reception venues for your events. Here are a few things to look for the ensure your event space has all of the amenities and service you need to host a great event. Audio/Visual Setup At the very least, you'll need to be sure there is a sound system that lets you use a microphone while announcing the names of winners.

7 August 2017

Bigger And Better: When Event Planning Just Becomes Too Much


The problem with annual celebrations is that the voluntary or selected event planners constantly feel as though they have to outdo last year's event in at least one way. It is a competition that never seems to end. If you find yourself on this year's planning committee, do not cave to the pressure and the stress. Sure, you want the party to be fantastic, but it should not mean that you have to have a nervous breakdown to get there.

23 May 2017