Tips For A Beach Wedding


Beach weddings provide a beautiful natural setting with a lot of opportunities for beautiful pictures. They are generally cheaper than most other options, and they are fun for the wedding party and the guests. Beach weddings present some unique obstacles, though. Follow these tips to help your beach wedding run smoothly. 

It's All About the Hair

If your hair has a tendency to frizz up in the heat and humidity, make sure you choose an updo or come prepared with hair products that will keep your hair tame under any condition. 

Choose the Right Dress

Not every dress can maneuver in the sand. Your best bet is to choose a lightweight fabric, such as chiffon or charmeuse. Avoid ballgowns and lace. Also, consider trading out the heels for sandals or bare feet. 

Casual Dress Code

While the bride should still be as glamorous as possible no matter the setting, a beach calls for a casual dress code for everyone else in the party and the guests. Tuxedos may be too formal for the environment. You also don't want to be responsible for expensive tuxedo rentals if they get damaged somehow. 

Use Sunscreen! 

Wedding pictures last a lifetime, and you don't want your wedding photos to have tan lines. Use sunscreen liberally both on the day of your wedding and for weeks before. Also,  wear bathing suits and clothes that won't leave tan lines. Be sure to remind your significant other to keep this in mind, too.

Consider Your Guests

Your guests should all be informed that the wedding will take place on sand so they can bring sunglasses and wear proper attire. You may even consider setting up a place for people to swap their shoes for flipflops. If your ceremony is taking place in the sun and  heat,  provide refreshing beverages like lemonade and/ or a tropical cocktail for people to enjoy in their shaded seats. Talk to your wedding planner about options on how to shade your guests. 

Backup Plan

Beach weddings rely on good wedding conditions. If it's raining, too warm or cold outside, or excessively windy, you should have an alternative plan. You don't want to cancel your wedding or subject your guests to adverse weather. 


Beaches require flowers that won't wilt in the heat. Some particularly strong choices for wedding include orchids, chrysanthemums, and plumeria. Some options that have not held up include freesia, poppies, and bouvardia. 

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19 January 2018

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