Choosing A Reception Hall For An Awards Banquet: Three Things To Look For


Whether you are hosting an awards night for your local school's sports teams or you want to honor your top sales people of the year, you'll need to find the right reception venues for your events. Here are a few things to look for the ensure your event space has all of the amenities and service you need to host a great event.

Audio/Visual Setup

At the very least, you'll need to be sure there is a sound system that lets you use a microphone while announcing the names of winners. You may want to play short highlight reels of each winner before they receive an award, or you may want to play music in between award presentations. Ask each venue what it offers in terms of audio visual equipment, and ask if it also offers the services of a lighting nd sound tech. Depending on the size and scope of your event, you may be able to hire stage crew through the reception venue.

Linen And Chair Rental

The ideal reception venue will have linens and chairs on-site in the facility, so you won't have to rent these items separately from a local party supply company. Be sure to ask who is responsible for the chair setup, as some venues will expect the people hosting the event to do the setup. Some venues offer chairs and chair covers, so you can customize the look of the event space, and they also offer colored tablecloths, table runners, and napkins. With these options, you can color-coordinate your event and make it look professional.

Ample Parking

Parking is an important feature to look for, particularly if your venue has more than one event space. You don't want to have to compete for parking spots with other parties. Tour the venue's parking area, and look for whether or not there are sections of the lot dedicated to each room of the venue. This can help to ensure you have reserved parking for guests. Another option is to choose a venue that offers complementary valet service, as this means your guests won't have to worry about parking at all.

Ask lots of questions before you sign with a venue so you know exactly what you are paying for and what to expect. Ask how much time you have to set up and take down the event, and always ask if your deposit on the venue is refundable.


7 August 2017

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