Bigger And Better: When Event Planning Just Becomes Too Much


The problem with annual celebrations is that the voluntary or selected event planners constantly feel as though they have to outdo last year's event in at least one way. It is a competition that never seems to end. If you find yourself on this year's planning committee, do not cave to the pressure and the stress. Sure, you want the party to be fantastic, but it should not mean that you have to have a nervous breakdown to get there. Here are some things you can do to make the celebration bigger and better without completely overwhelming yourself and the other members of the planning committee.


Everyone on the committee needs to take on three tasks. Then everyone needs to communicate about exactly what it is they are working on and what they plan to do. This way, you are not the only one doing it all, nor are you the leader of a smaller group that is doing everything while the rest of the committee sits around sipping wine and talking about what to do.


Hey, this is a company party, right? What do companies do better than any other type of business? They outsource. Better than just delegating, you can hire event management companies to do all the work for you. Whether you hog the glory for yourself or you give the event management company credit is up to you, but an event management company can totally make your event top last year's event.

Little Rewards for Big Accomplishments

Every time a member on the committee makes some serious headway with completing tasks to make the party awesome, there should be some little reward. It is a good motivator and a stress reliever to have the committee members take a break after a job well done. Send the successful ones to a spa for an hour, or order in the best take-out in town. Opt for whatever works and keeps everyone motivated and committed to getting this party perfectly planned and keeping it on track.

Bowing Out

There is no shame in recognizing that party and event planning and management are not for you. Why do you think there are actually companies that specialize in these services? If the event is getting closer and closer, and you still cannot make it bigger and better than last year or make it happen on time, the event management and planning companies can. Talk with a company like Andy Mirkovich Productions, Inc. for more information.


23 May 2017

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