Your Wedding Date -- 4 Tips For Choosing Just The Right Day


One of the first decisions you'll have to make when planning your wedding is to choose a date. Because so much will hinge on the date you pick, it's more important than many couples realize. So, how can you choose the right time for your wedding? Here are 4 ways to look at it.

Price. If you're getting hitched on a budget, picking the right season or day can mean saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A midweek wedding, for example, will almost always mean a less expensive venue rental and better deals on everything from rental equipment to wedding cakes. Destination weddings planned for shoulder seasons or off-season times can also result in great package deals, less crowds, and lower honeymoon costs.

Season. Choosing a particular season can be very important to many couples. A traditional spring or summer wedding, for example, is often vital for an outdoor wedding. And you may not want to plan a winter wedding if your chosen dress is light and beachy. On the other hand, if you're looking for a sparkly, opulent wedding, winter may be the perfect time to evoke your desired effect. So, consider how your dream wedding is decorated, themed, and styled before choosing a season that fits its mood. 

Anniversaries. Some couples look for a date that has special meaning for them. This can give your big day a truly personalized touch. A special date can be the anniversary of your first meeting, your first date, your first kiss, when you proposed, or when a child was born. It can also reflect the date your parents or grandparents got married or even a birthdate. 

Availability. Probably the first thing couples should do is create a list of dates that are off the table due to availability problems. This usually includes busy times of the month or year at respective workplaces, anniversaries already in the family, and religious events. Also, if there are people without whom you simply cannot imagine getting married (such as family members, best friends, or a certain officiant), you may need to consider their schedule when planning your dates. 

By considering just one or all four of these wedding date tips, you can find the right time of year for your own celebration of love. And then, you can move forward with planning knowing that you've chosen just the right moment to make your day special. For more advice on the best time to plan a wedding for, contact a venue like The Manoa Grand Ballroom.


2 December 2016

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