Thinking Of A Barn Wedding? Two Decorating Tips


If you counted the number of weddings or receptions you attended at a traditional reception hall, you would likely run out of fingers quickly. While there is nothing wrong with having an event in this space, it doesn't exactly scream unique. On the other hand, a barn wedding does just that. A beautifully finished and renovated barn space can serve as the perfect complement to your special union. If you're considering this type of space for your special day, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Stay True To The Space

Always stay true to the bones of the barn. While this doesn't mean you have to have bales of hay lying around as part of your decor, if you try to transform the space into something that it organically isn't, you might be less than satisfied with the end result. For example, trying to transform a barn into an ultra-modern, minimalist setting would likely be a failed attempt that would leave your guests confused about the overall design concept.

Instead, use cues from the space and simply build upon them for the best result. For a more casual wedding or reception, you could consider a stunning rustic theme with burlap lined tables and copper accented centerpieces. For a more formal setting, you could go with a shabby chic design. Both of these style ideas allow you to add your own touch, but they also feel natural within this type of space.

Keep It Bright

A well-crafted barn has a certain type of natural beauty even without a single decoration. From the aged wood to the large beams that travel from the floor to the ceiling, these natural fixtures serve as built-in design elements. You can highlight this beauty and even cut down on your decorating efforts by keeping the space bright.

For your event, make sure you have plenty of light around the barn so that all of your guests can get a good look at this natural beauty and take it all in. Daylight string lights are the best way to pull this off; however, if you want something a little more muted, soft white string lights can also work. To add elegance and a more romantic feel to the space, you can also incorporate flameless candles.

Your wedding and reception should be just as special and unique as you and your partner. Make sure you are thinking outside the box. For more information, contact companies like The White Dove.


23 September 2016

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