Dining On A Dime -- 4 Tips For Throwing A Great Rehearsal Dinner On A Budget


If you have the responsibility of planning your friend or family member's rehearsal dinner, you may not know what is involved. But the good news is that you can have a great party that adds to the enjoyment of the wedding week and still doesn't break your budget. Here are a few handy tips to creating a chic, budget-friendly rehearsal dinner.

Look for Alternative Venues. You can avoid spending a fortune on a fancy venue by looking at alternative locations. A well-maintained backyard is a great place to lay out some tables and string lights to create a simple and beautiful gathering spot. If you want an informal vibe, consider places like a rustic barn or farmhouse, a local pub or microbrewery, or even a picnic in the park. For a more formal atmosphere, look for discounted room rentals at hotels hosting out-of-town guests, church facilities, or a private room at a local restaurant.

Rent the Ambiance. Turn any offbeat venue into a gorgeous location by renting a bunch of white tables and chairs, then covering them in fabric tablecloths (also often available for rent) and fancy dinner ware. You can usually rent most things that make for an enjoyable evening -- such as a portable bar, beverage bins, buffet tables, heaters, and even lounge chairs or sofas. Rentals save money and time so you don't have to skimp on equipment.

Keep it Small. Try to avoid overdoing the guest list for the rehearsal dinner. Typically, the guest list includes those who are invited to the actual rehearsal -- such as the bridal party, officiant, helpers and immediate family members of the bridal couple. If there are some out-of-town family or close friends visiting for the wedding, you may want to include them. However, to keep to your budget and avoid stress, it's best to avoid letting the guest list grow.

Make it Unique. The rehearsal dinner doesn't necessarily have to match the wedding itself, which can save you a ton of money when choosing decorations, location and the menu. Instead of worrying about matching an expensive wedding in terms of fashion, decor or catering, put your energy into making the rehearsal unique and fun. Create a signature cocktail to toast the bride and groom. Give out-of-town guests a feel for your city via local flavor and decorations. You could even invite a gourmet food truck to stop by and let the guests order what they want. The key to a memorable rehearsal dinner isn't cost, but rather in painting it its own special color.

Whether you can implement just one of these suggestions or all four, you can make your party budget stretch while throwing a rehearsal dinner that will wow your guests. 


20 September 2016

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