Why You Should Move On To Using A Modern Video Editing Program


Are you still using Final Cut Pro 7 from 2009 as your main video editing program? Even though Apple has made substantial updates to their editing software with Final Cut Pro X in 2011, many editors have decided to stick with the software they know, which has left them unprepared for the challenges of editing in 2016. Is it time to move onto a more modern editing program? Here are some reasons to consider making the switch.

Native Camera Files

The footage from the shoot comes in, and you are overwhelmed with various types of camera original files that all need to be converted to the ProRes format to work in your aging editing program. Not only does this take time to do where you could editing, but it takes up even more space on your hard drive to store the camera original files and the ProRes converted files.

A more modern video editing program will allow you to work with the native files straight from the camera. No more converting footage, and no more wasted space. You can get right to being creative instead of waiting around for files to convert.

4K Footage

4K video is becoming more common these days, and it's possible that you'll even want to master your video in 4K as well. The problem is that older video editing programs do not support 4K video. You end up having to downconvert all your footage to a lower resolution, which defeats the whole purpose of shooting in a higher resolution.

With new editing software, you can edit the native files in 4K. Even if you are still mastering your videos at 1080p, you can take advantage of that extra resolution by zooming into the footage to blow it up, all without sacrificing image quality.

Faster Rendering

These older editing programs were simply not designed with the workflows that we have today. When you are working with several layers of video, color corrections added in post-production, and graphic overlays, older software will struggle to keep up. Too often, you need to stop working to render your footage, which is downtime that you are just waiting for a progress bar to fill to 100% so that you can keep working.

Using new software can use every core of your computer to handle these renders, and handle them faster. Some software even renders seamlessly in the background while you work. This leads to less downtime as you try to get your project done.

Of course, you may not have the time to upgrade and learn one of these new programs when you have a project that is due under a tight deadline. Consider using a professional video editing service (like Watrous Video Productions) that can handle everything for you, and make your video project look as great as it possibly can.


15 September 2016

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