Want Your Deposit Back? Take These Steps Before And During Your Bounce House Party


Are you planning to rent a bounce house for a party you'll be having at your house? You're no doubt looking forward to all the fun you and your kids and guests will have. But if you're not careful, your fun could turn sour if the house is damaged, making you lose your deposit. Proper preparation and use is essential if you want to get any money back when you return the house.

No Rocks or Sprinkler Heads

Before the house is delivered, check the area where you plan to place the house. Scour the ground visually for rocks and other sharp or prominent items and remove them. Look for sprinkler heads, too. The house should be on ground that does not contain anything that could rip or pierce the bottom of the bounce house. If you have sunken sprinkler heads all over the area where you wanted to put the house, you may be able to cover them somehow, but double-check that the weight of the bounce house plus the people inside will not place too much stress on the sprinkler heads and underground pipes.

No Jewelry, Shoes, Gum, Glasses, or Food

The rental company will have prohibitions against things like bringing food into the bounce house, chewing gum in there, wearing shoes, and even wearing jewelry. These regulations aren't in place just to make the company look good -- all of these items can harm the house. Gum and food can get stuck to the interior (and gum poses a choking risk), shoes can mark up the floor of the house, and jewelry can pierce the house material. Ensure anyone going into the house is following these rules to the letter.

No Exceeding the Max Number of People

Bounce houses look huge, but they can accommodate only a small number of people at a time. When you've got a bunch of happy kids bouncing around in the house, they're not going to jump only in one place. They're going to leap and tumble and run around. Put too many people in the house at once, and you have a recipe for collisions and potential collapse of the house because there's too much weight inside. Have someone monitor the entrance to the house (if you can't do it yourself) to ensure there are no more than the maximum number of people inside.

Bounce houses are fun, but they can be damaged easily and cause injury if people are careless. Removing anything that could damage the house is one of the best ways to keep the house in good shape. For more information, contact a rental company like Jump with Chris Party Rentals.


13 September 2016

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