3 Ways To Have The Perfect Rustic Wedding


The person you love and want to spend your life with has proposed. After spending hours feeling excited, you are now trying to plan out a beautiful wedding. If you and your partner have agreed to have a rustic-style reception, it is a good idea to start planning things out ahead of time to make sure everything turns out perfectly.

1. Choose a Rustic Wedding Venue

Before you think about decorations and favors, it is important to find a rustic wedding venue that would cater to your wants and needs. Some of the features you should look for in a venue include hardwood floors, wood wall coverings and wood tables. Along with finding something that is rustic enough for you, it is important to find out how many people can fit inside the venue. You want to make sure you will have enough room for your guests.

2. Create a Menu Sign Using an Old Pallet

Old wood pallets come in handy when you are trying to put together a rustic-themed wedding. In fact, you can re-purpose an old pallet and turn it into a beautiful menu sign for your guests to see so they will know exactly what is on the menu. You can easily create the menu sign by painting the wood pallet with a chalk-based paint color that matches perfectly with the colors you are using for the reception. Once the paint is dry on the pallet, use a piece of chalk to write down the different dishes that will be served at your wedding.

You can place the rustic food menu sign near the door of the reception venue. As people are walking in, they will see what types of dishes are being prepared, and they can then decide what they would like to have on their plates.

3. Make Your Own Mason Jar Centerpieces

Centerpieces will make the tables look even more beautiful, but you may not want to spend hundreds of dollars on them. The good news is you can make your own rustic-themed centerpieces without spending a lot of money at all. The only items you will need to get to start making these centerpieces are mason jars, burlap jute rope twine and baby's breath flowers.

Before placing the flowers in the jars, cut 36 inches of burlap jute rope twine for each jar and wrap it around carefully. You can tuck the ends of the rope twine in and seal them to the jar using a small dab of hot glue. Once you have wrapped the rope twine over each of your mason jars, simply add a handful of baby's breath flowers to each one. These simple centerpieces will look adorable with all of your rustic decor.

It is completely possible to have the perfect rustic wedding. Simply find the right venue and then start making the perfect decorations, including a menu sign made from an old wood pallet and mason jar centerpieces with flowers.


8 September 2016

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