Ideas For Out-Of-The-Ordinary Wedding Themes


Some couples today are not particularly fond of traditions that are over-used and boring.  Many couples want their weddings to be unique, unusual and out-of-the-ordinary. If you are trying think of a theme that best fits you and your soon-to-be spouse, check out these ideas that could help ignite your imagination. Keep in mind yours and your future spouse's interests can be a determining factor for the wedding theme that would be most suitable while also being odd and far from traditional.

Trekkies Can Have A Lot Of Fun Planning Their Wedding

When Gene Roddenberry created the television series Star Trek, he probably had no idea how many people would grow to love it. Many people are 'trekkies', dedicated Star Trek fans and enjoy hobbies like collecting memorabilia from the show.  If you and your future spouse are 'trekkies', consider the wedding theme that places you and your wedding guests on the USS Enterprise. Maybe you would like to have a Vulcan or Klingon wedding. When it comes to out-of-this-world wedding themes, it's hard to beat themes based on Star Trek. If this idea sounds like a winner to you and future spouse, start planning now and be sure to remember the option of wedding cakes made to look like a starship.

Creating A Scene From A Favorite Movie

Creating a wedding theme around a particular scene in a movie can be a lot of imaginative fun. For example, if you and your soon-to-be-spouse like spy movies like the ones 007 is in, consider the wedding theme from a scene in your favorite James Bond movie. Another great idea for move wedding themes is having your wedding cake made to look like you and your spouse are in the movie. The plastic wedding dolls on the top of your cake could be in a shoot-out with a bad guy or you can have them scaling the cake like Bond does in a sticky situation on the side of a skyscraper building. Spy movies can provide you with many creative outlets for planning an unusual wedding theme.

Video Game Themed Weddings Can Be Cool

Since the days when Atari first came on the scene, more and more people have taken up gaming as their hobby. You and your future spouse may have spent hours playing a favorite game together and think that game would be a cool idea for a wedding theme. Whether you love to play Mario and Luigi on Nintendo or you play fantasy RPG games online like Dungeons and Dragons, your gaming experiences can be your source of wedding theme inspiration.

Your wedding day is one you want to remember forever, so making sure it is one you can relax and enjoy the most is important. By choosing a theme of something you and your spouse feel most comfortable with, you have greater chances of being carefree and less nervous.


6 September 2016

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