3 Ways To Get Good Sporting Event Tickets For Your Favorite Team


As a casual sports fan who is just starting to follow a specific team enthusiastically, you may not think you'll ever be able to get good seats to see them play in person. It might always seem like the games or sold out or that seats are only available in the "nosebleed" section. Luckily, using the suggestions below can get you in the arena or ball court much sooner than you suspect.

Join the Club

One easy way to score good tickets early that is often overlooked is to simply join the fan club of the team you want to see. Fan club perks include special pre-sales and other perks that eventually cover whatever costs and fees go into club membership. A quick perusal of the team's official website will give you the details of membership so that you know what you're getting when you sign up and can make a decision about whether it's worth it to you to join.

Seek Out Less Popular Matchups

If you're trying to get tickets for a major national team, you're probably already aware of historic rivalries and high-profile matchups that everyone wants to see. Those games are likely to cost more and be in higher demand. They are also likely to sell out faster. If you really only want to see your favorite team at work no matter who they're playing, make a conscious choice to look for those games that are lower profile and unlikely to generate that much press. You'll still get to see a great game and you'll probably spend less and get a better seat.

Look for Singles

Sometimes, the reason you can't get a good seat is that you're trying to buy a pair of tickets for you and a companion or small group of friends. If you do a search for single tickets, you may be surprised to find that there are single seats in better locations. Most people enjoy sporting events with friends, which is why those seats remain empty at times, but if you're willing to head to the game yourself, you could have a great seat. You can also look for singles in the same area so that if you do really want to go with someone, they can sit nearby even if it's not right next to you.

Try all of these pointers when you really want to see your favorite team play. Talking to others about how they get their own sporting event tickets may also help. Check out companies like Academy Tickets to learn more.


23 January 2017

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