Planning An All-Day Bussiness Conference: Three Things To Consider


Planning an all-day business conference requires more than just making sure your agenda is set and that your invitations have gone out. You'll need to locate the right conference room for your meeting's needs, and you'll need to make sure that the conference center offers the right amenities for your event. Here are three critical points to consider as you plan your event.

Catering Options

Long business meetings can feel even longer if your guests don't have access to adequate refreshments. Your conference center should be able to provide you with several different catering options to choose from. A few things you should be sure to include in your meeting's catering package include:

  • Morning coffee, tea, bagels and pastries
  • Catered lunch
  • Midday snacks and beverages for extra energy
  • Catered dinner if the event will go on into the evening

You may want to consider having coffee and snacks available all day in the back of your conference room for added convenience. If you are planning to have lunch and dinner catered, think about renting a separate room for the meals. This will give your guests the feeling that they are getting a true break from the action. 

WiFi Access

While many convention centers offer free WiFi access, you'll want to make sure you confirm this ahead of the event. You'll also want to make sure that the facility's WiFi service can accommodate your entire group. This is especially important if part of your meeting will have an Internet component involved, as you'll want your guests to be able to follow along on their electronic devices. Check with the conference center to ensure that there are plenty of outlets and charging stations so everyone at your meeting can stay powered up throughout the event.

Seating Arrangements

The proper seating arrangement is critical to a successful business meeting. An amphitheater-style room with table seating gives your attendees space to spread out with their notes and laptops. This is an excellent option for a meeting that will be interactive or call for note-taking. Tables and chairs set up in a U-style arrangement allow for convenient viewing of a large-screen TV or projection screen, and this setup can also be helpful for meetings that will be conducted via speakerphone with other attendees. Your conference center can help you select the right seating arrangement for your event, which will ensure that everyone in attendance gets the most out of your business conference.

Plan a meeting with the event coordinator from a conference center like Chez Shari to cover all of these details and make sure that you can get everything you need to host a productive and successful business conference.


20 January 2016

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